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Restaurant Consulting Services

Restaurant Feasibility Studies and Restaurant Business Plans

With hundreds of completed feasibility studies and business plans under our belt, we provide quality insights and professional documents that will validate your concept, supported by financial projections that are the best in the business. 

If you need funding, a business plan is required. For the SBA, a feasibility study  is also required. Our combo "Feasibility Study/Business Plan plan" is the solution you'll need.

  • RESTAURANT FEASIBILITY STUDY.    All restaurant operators agree that the location of their business is the #1 most important thing. You’ve heard the saying; location, location, location, and it’s true. The first step in validating your possible location is to complete a restaurant feasibility study. What will your new business require relative to: general location, square footage, will it be a ground-up or re-branding of an existing space – commonly referred to as a “second generation” space, and many other considerations as well. In short, what are the particulars of the site and space you’ll need? When we craft restaurant feasibility studies, we commonly include the following items:

  1. Concept discussion and overview. We need to fully understand what you have in mind.
  2. Profile of the trade area. Who lives nearby? What competitors and other factors will impact your business? We'll find out and detail this information for you.
  3. Issues related to traffic including site access, traffic patterns, intersections and other site concerns.
  4. Photographs of the trade area.
  5. What is market rent running? What other leasing or space concerns exist? We'll find out.
  6. Employment issues that will impact your business. Employment is tight nationwide, and you'll need to know if you'll have staff available!
  7. Signage, marketing and recommendations.
  8. Creation of high-level financial projections to help you make good decisions.
  9. Our final recommendations and opinion.

  • RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN.    When it comes to writing a restaurant business plan, you have to decide who will write it for you. Whoever does it needs to know the details about the concept, have a good working knowledge of accepted industry standards/benchmarks and most importantly, who is the plan being written for? An investor? The bank? The ownership group? Maybe it’s yours as the stakeholder. Regardless of who will be reading the plan, the bottom line is that a poorly written restaurant business plan will not get you funded nor will it result in a good project. Poorly written means that the financial projections don’t match the narrative which results in a disconnect for the reader. It also means that the writer did not know about industry standards, industry terminology, or lacked the ability to convey this information. We understand and we've got you covered! Our process of crafting business plans has been proven over the years to yield superior funding and project results for our clients. The contents of your restaurant business plan will include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Executive Summary.
  2. Background of the project.
  3. Highly detailed business overview.
  4. Ownership and Management bios.
  5. Restaurant systems and operations plan.
  6. High-level menu / illustrations.
  7. Project assumptions.
  8. Full set of financial projections including year one (by month) to year five, year one P&L’s by month, break even, and much more. Our restaurant business plans contain no less than 10 major sections and will provide all of the information you (and your investors) will need to make a “go or no-go” decision. Your plan will also provide prospective landlords with the information they need in order to favorably consider you as a tenant.

  • FEASIBILITY STUDY/RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN.  If you're in the market for SBA-backed funding, a feasibility study is required (per the SBA checklist). Sure, you can engage us for both a feasibility study and a restaurant business plan, but why do that when a "combo plan" will be faster and less expensive in the long run? We've been crafting these combo plans for years now with outstanding funding results and this might be the best route for your project as well. Give us a call at 720-363-0164 to discuss what you've got in mind.


  1. Fast personal service by people that care about your success.
  2. We can create documents for any type of concept you have in mind.  
  3. If you have started your own writing of the business plan but have taken it as far as you can, we can take your content, add the financials to match the narrative and you'll get a tight, bank or investor-ready document.
  4. Regardless of your location, we would love to work with you. Phone, Skype, e-mail...whatever your preferred method of contact is, it works for us!
  5. Competitive pricing, with payment terms available if you need them.
  6. Custom, well-written documents without narrative or financial disconnects anywhere.
  7. Bank or investor-ready documents that you will be proud of.
  8. If you're in need of funding, we have several sources that may be interested in your project. If we craft your documents for you, we'll be confident enough to make an introduction and would be happy to do so on your behalf.
  9. High quality presentation binders and color printing on premium paper.

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