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Restaurant Consulting Services - Our Story

I was sitting in my truck with a check that could turn my dream into reality. As a young man of 19 years old who had already been in the restaurant business for a few years, I thought I was ready to start my own place. A quaint old home had been secured and after months of planning, was ready for the conversion into, “The Old House” which would offer three meals a day, fresh pastries and a great ambiance for the local residents.  I had hired a chef to run my kitchen, construction plans had been drawn up, contractors were ready to go, and now, funding was in hand – literally.

As I stared at the check, I suddenly realized that this would never really be my restaurant until I had paid back the loan, and the projected profits were too skinny to handle the debt load. Essentially, I would be working for free….for years! What was I supposed to do now? I had nobody to turn to for advice and there was no apparent solution to my problem. So, I gave the money back and unraveled the project. I was glad to have dodged the “working for free” bullet.

What frustrated me most about the whole experience was that I went into the venture unprepared for the “business end of the restaurant business.” (The business planning, costing, projections and control systems - these are some of the things it takes to properly open and keep a business profitable and open). Right then and there, I committed to learn everything I could about how to open and run successful foodservice businesses. 

This commitment has now spanned more than 35 years in the quest of knowledge though leadership positions in resorts, hotels, chains and independently owned operations. During that time I got married, raised a wonderful family and have since owned restaurants and other successful business ventures.

After I sold my businesses in the early ‘90’s, a friend asked me to help him through the process of buying a restaurant. Ironically, I had another friend who had one for sale, so I put the two of them together. This transaction taught me a key life lesson which was, “If you don’t give, you won’t get.” I had invested a lot of time and in return, I received tremendous gratification. Hungry for more, I found that helping others be successful in the hospitality industry was my calling.

Fast forward a few years - now with thousands of completed projects for happy client's across the country, Restaurant Consulting Services, Inc. team is known as the go-to firm for those who want a successful outcome. Our comprehensive list of services provides everything you might need from concept development, business planning, operations improvement, buy/sell advisory services, franchise development, and much more. 

We are grateful for every client, large and small alike who have trusted us to deliver outstanding results. So, what’s on your mind? I’d love to hear about it.

   ~ Kevin Moll

Kevin Moll, President and Founder of Restaurant Consulting Services, Inc.
Kevin Moll, President and Founder of Restaurant Consulting Services, Inc.