Menu of all Restaurant Consulting Services

  • Restaurant Consulting Services works with all types of hospitality operations worldwide, from new startups to single-unit independent cafes, pubs, taverns and restaurants to large, multi-unit nationwide chains, hotels and resorts. Simply put, if your business serves food and beverage of any kind, anywhere, we can help you run a better, more profitable operation. 
  • You will like how we work – it’s very simple. After our discussion with you, we’ll create a proposal that recaps the scope of work to be done and the fees. We commonly e-mail this to you for your review and execution. Simply return the agreement and we’ll get the work started/scheduled at your convenience.
  • How we charge varies from project to project, depending on various factors including your location, the amount and type of work to be done and the length of time necessary to complete the work. We can quote on a complete project, daily, weekly or monthly basis as well, depending on the amount of work to be done.




  1. We fix under-performing and failing restaurants and help good restaurants become great. We do this by using a service we designed over ten years ago called an Operations Analysis™. This is a powerful, objective, third-party perspective on what’s really going on in your current operation and a road-map to moving forward.  
  2. Restaurant startups – help from day one to opening and beyond. For almost every type of restaurant, there are over 400 tasks that need to be completed before you open. Over the years, we’ve learned that there’s a hard way and an easy way to get this work done, so we take the complex and make it simple! We actually divide the project up into administrative, culinary and beverage components with better results, faster. In a recent, large new restaurant opening, the outcome by using this method was just outstanding and we’d be happy to show you how we do it. When it comes to startups, we can coach you through it, work side-by-side with you, or if you prefer, we can take on the entire project and just hand over the keys when we’re done!  
  3. Restaurant Feasibility Studies and Restaurant Business Plans. When it comes time to examine, “what could this be like” or “does this make sense,” a feasibility study will help pull these things together. When it’s time for superior funding and project results, a business plan is the tool you’ll need and ours are the best. If you’ll be applying for SBA-backed funding, your best option might be our innovative, “Feasibility/Business Plan” document. Essentially a combination of both a restaurant feasibility study and a restaurant business plan, it’s a cost-effective option when you’ll need both. 
  4. Concept development – we’ll help you maximize your opportunity with the design and rollout of a new concept. We’ll compare your idea to the market and brainstorm with you to achieve the highest and best use for your great idea. If you want us to develop a concept for your special space, we’d be happy to discuss this as well. 
  5. Financial modeling services for new and existing concepts. Want to seriously play around with some numbers? We’ve got the horsepower to produce outstanding projections that you’ll be proud to show to an investor or partner.  
  6. Services and solutions for bar owners. Complete solutions for startup and existing bars of all size and type. If you want to open, run or improve any bar operation, we’re the market leaders when it comes to alcohol knowledge and resources.        
  7. Management Development and Training.  If your team is new to the game or maybe it’s time to get everyone on the same page, we’re the firm you can count on when it comes time to develop and train management….one person or the whole team. We have the processes, procedures and hands-on experience to make the life of a restaurant manager one that’s desirable and enjoyable! 
  8. Special projects.  We specialize in custom/unique and unusual projects of all types, worldwide.  There’s very little that our team has not seen over the years and we would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.
  9. Restaurant profitability improvement. Nationwide, independent restaurant operators are bringing between 2-4% to the bottom line. Our clients enjoy significantly better results, so if you’re serious about making money in this business, give us a call and let’s discuss where you’re at and where you’d like to be. It’s likely that we can help you get there.
  10. Menu development and menu engineering. Your menu means everything to your business. It drives your brand, makes your place unique and helps secure your future. If you need a new menu or maybe just a refresh, let us know.
  11. Culinary cost controls, inventory management, order guides, vendor relations. These are operating tools for your kitchen and every operation needs them to maximize productivity and profitability. 
  12. Basic culinary training for your hourly team members. For startups, this is required and for existing operations, a refresher course in basic culinary operations can bring new excitement to your kitchen.
  13. Advanced culinary training for your management personnel. Want to take your talented staff to a whole new level? Jeremy Abbey is our culinary consultant and one of the top chef’s in the United States. In high demand, he’s a teacher like none other and every minute spent with him is bankable for your kitchen team and you.  
  14. Recruitment and human resources. Tell us what position you want to fill and we’ll find the perfect candidates. It takes almost none of your time and you’ll love the results. Our skills and contacts in this arena run deep and in most cases, it costs less than a headhunter. 
  15. Buying/selling/lease negotiation and transaction advisors. We provide third-party advisory support to buyers and sellers who want an experienced eye watching out for their best interests. We’ve seen and done a lot of deals and you can save a tremendous amount of money and pain by engaging for assistance early in the buy/sell game. We also offer formal brokerage services through a preferred provider. 
  16. Restaurant employee policy manuals and job descriptions. A level playing field for every employee who deserves to know what’s expected of him/her. Every employer wants the same thing as well, and our documents provide this without any pain or time on your end. 
  17. New or re-branded restaurants – concept development and strategies. Acquiring a new or existing place and want to strategically implement a new concept? Maybe you’re relocating or adding an additional location. We can help maximize your potential. 
  18. Landlord representation for under-performing tenants. If you’re a landlord who really wants what’s best for your food-service tenant, a small investment on your part may pay big dividends in the long run and what tenant wouldn’t like a little help? Maybe you have a struggling tenant that, with a little short term guidance, can get his/her place turned around, saving you the time, energy and money of having to find another tenant. 
  19. Short-term management coverage.  Want a little short term professional management coverage? Maybe you’re going out of town and want assurance that your business will still be open when you return? We would be happy to provide management coverage on a short term basis. Costs are based on length of time, size of your operation and where you’re located.
  20. Cost control review and improvement.  For many operators that have a good concept but no profit, this creates an infuriating situation. In some cases, it’s a matter of financial modeling to see what’s missing or what could be improved upon. For others, it may require a financial systems overhaul of paperwork or accounting systems. We have the team and resources to help get costs and your systems under control. 
  21. Restaurant operating systems from start to finish – design and implementation. If you’re working a job function, can’t seem to get things under control or maybe find yourself working 60 or more hours a week, it’s likely that you’re missing key operating systems. We custom-craft operating systems for every type of foodservice operation. Contact us for details. 
  22. Company Policy Manuals.  If you have more than one location and don’t have a company policy manual, you’re going to be in trouble. In fact, look around and try to find a successful multi-unit operator that does not have a company policy manual and you won’t find one. This is a key tool in your ownership toolbox. Roughly 100+ pages and every aspect of your operation is included.
  23. Coaching for Restaurant Owners. Want to be a more impactful owner? Want some one-on-one coaching on how to be a better leader, better owner and a better mentor? We’ve been in this restaurant game for over 40 years now and have a few tricks up our sleeves that we’d be happy to share. At the end of our time together, you’ll have a better business, better team and more profit.