Colorado's "Restaurant For Sale By Owner" FSBO experts

Want or need to sell your business? A "FSBO" transaction makes a lot of sense!

A "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) transaction sounds easy, but there's more to selling your business then you may realize. In fact, the biggest challenge business owners face when doing a FSBO transaction on their own is not knowing or using the proper steps and processes involved that lead to a successful sale.   

As Colorado's FSBO experts, we bring structure to your transaction, resulting in a greater chance of you selling and getting a better price for your business, at a lower cost when compared to a commercial broker.  Using our advisory services, you'll save 50% or more in your transaction, as we charge a low monthly fee with no commissions. 


You'll save a lot of money by selling in a FSBO format. For example, if you're selling by using the services of a commercial broker, you can plan on paying out 8%-12% of the final selling price.  On a $200,000 transaction, that's $16,000 to  $24,000. On a $350,000 transaction, that's $28,000 to $42,000. If you don't have real estate associated with your transaction, there's NO REASON to pay these commissions!

Our assistance will cost you less than half of what a broker charges, and quite frankly, we believe you'll get better service and sell your business faster. What we bring to your table is highly personalized assistance and our proven selling structure that "gets eyeballs" on your business - our simple process keeps the entire transaction on track right up to closing. 

For many business owners (without real estate), this is the fastest, least expensive, and most efficient way to quickly get your business on the market. Call us at 720-363-0164, e-mail to: or use our CONTACT page to request a  quote. 

We can get your business on the market within one or two days for the maximum selling price and no broker fees, and we don't even need to meet in person as we can accomplish all of our work together via phone, e-mail and Skype. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexities associated with real estate,  if you have property associated with your business sale, you really should engage a professional commercial broker. We recommend that you call call Patti Edgar at Edgar Roman Properties at 303-521-6225 or contact her at: . She represents client interests throughout Colorado and she'll do a great job for you.  Edgar Roman Properties.

THE BAD NEWS: In the State of Colorado, there are approximately 11,800 and drinking locations and about 7,100 of  these are in the greater Denver area. Of these, 4,000 or more are expected to permanently close in the near future because of issues/closures related to Covid-19.

Due to the large amount of operators that are trying to make a go of it right now, but will ultimately have to sell or close in the next 30-60 days, it is likely that the market will get flooded with bars and restaurants for sale, further reducing already depressed selling prices. 

If you delay your decision to sell now and decide to put your business up for sale later, your asking price will likely be 50% or less of what you could ask for it now.  For those that delay, there will be substantial difficulty selling your business due to unpaid rent, unpaid taxes, length of time closed, lack of employees, and ultimately, a less desirable business. Don't let this be you. Contact us today. 

"Restaurant Consulting Services did a great job for me in the FSBO sale of my restaurant. I got my full asking price, in a completely confidential transaction. I couldn't be happier with the services they provided and I highly recommend that you contact Kevin if you've got a bar, restaurant, cafe, tavern, or other hospitality business you want to sell - they're the best!"     - Client Kyle Walker

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We can help you sell your business in a FSOB transaction efficiently at a lower cost than a broker!