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OPERATIONS ANALYSIS™ - The solution for struggling, failing and improving all foodservice operations


Poor sales

High labor, food or beverage costs

Arguing partners / Unhappy owners

No or minimal profit

Negative guest feedback

Tenant - landlord or rent issues

Poor food or beverage quality

Rough running operations

Management or HR problems

Other matters standing in the way


  • We know that running a foodservice business is tough because we've owned restaurants and have been in your shoes. Crazy hours, marginal profit, staffing issues, high costs...we get it and we really understand the business. That's why our Operations Analysis works so well. We identify the issues for a failing or struggling restaurant and can quickly get you on the right path. This is also an excellent choice for business owners who wish to take a proactive approach to improve their single or multiple business locations. Our Operations Analysis clients enjoy more profit, more security, smoother operations, happier guests and have a “better overall business” as a result of having an Operations Analysis done and so can you.

  • There are 100+ reasons why hospitality operations struggle and we’ve seen virtually every one. We identify the problems or issues standing in your way and provide you with the solutions you need. We work extremely hard to take a complex business and make it simple. An Operations Analysis is your solution and it’s the best proven method of getting to the core of the issue(s) and identifying the best way to turn around a struggling or failing restaurant and for making a good operation even better and more profitable.


  1. Step one – DISCUSS. Let’s discuss your challenges by phone, Skype, e-mail, or in person. We need to have a clear understanding of the issues that you’re dealing with, where you are located and what your time-frame for assistance is. These factors determine the cost, so after we’ve talked, we can provide you with an accurate quote.
  2. Step two – PROPOSAL AND SCHEDULING. We’ll recap our discussion with you into a written proposal that will target your business needs. Our consultant will then visit you at your convenience.
  3. Step three – ON SITE. Our consultant will be inside of your business examining the financial, marketing, operations, personnel, competitive and practical issues you face. We’re not critical and we want the same thing you do, a successful restaurant!
  4. Step four – RESULTS. Our consultant will then create the Operations Analysis Report. Upon completion of the writing, we’ll sit down with you (and your ownership/management team if you wish) and fully explain what we’ve found and what needs to be done. 

An Operations Analysis report is commonly 18-24 pages long and it’s the most powerful, least expensive solution you’ll find to get your restaurant back on track to profitability and smoother operations. You can immediately begin using your Operations Analysis as the as a path to profitability and success in your business. If you prefer to have us do the work to improve your operation, we are available and equipped to assist.

The Operations Analysis is so effective that we guarantee in writing that you will save or make more than the cost of the service or it’s free.  


Here's what some clients had to say about an Operations Analysis

“I can’t believe we didn’t do this years ago. We could have avoided so much misery, but now at least we have a handle on our business and have a grip on what we’re doing. We certainly look forward to a brighter future and we’re so appreciative of your insights and suggestions on how to improve our restaurant! Thanks for everything!”
~ Jamie S. Missouri

“Our restaurant was in trouble – long wait times, an inefficient menu, and we weren’t making any money. It was a bit painful to make the changes necessary, but we’re over the hump now! We had some serious issues and the Operations Analysis really made a huge difference. After 7 years now, we’re finally making some money and we’re now looking to open our second location and we look forward to your help with that too!”  

~ Carina R. California

“We had a really big, really failing restaurant without any real structure. The Operations Analysis provided the insight and direction we needed and we’re on solid footing now. Our business is better now than it ever has been. For once, we can take a deep breath and start actually managing it instead of it managing us! The Operations Analysis was just the thing for helping us out of our rut and it was a real wake-up call on what needed to be done. We look forward to even greater things in the future and sincerely appreciate you helping us do what we could not do ourselves.”
~ Rene’ A. Mississippi

“Aloha Kevin, We’re doing GREAT!!! We now have more money in the bank – yeah! We have worked on your recommendations and have even expanded our catering business. We can now go on vacation next week for a much needed rest. We really appreciate all that you done for us in making our restaurant even better. Hiring Restaurant Consulting Services was the wisest decision we ever made. Thank-you again!”
~Fatima E. California