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Newsletter Issue #1 coming Monday, March 5. Accepting subscriptions beginning Monday, February 26


I’m happy to announce that my weekly newsletter, “RESTAURANT OPERATIONS WEEKLY” will be available for subscription on Monday, February 26. You won't want to miss the first issue! 

As the Founder of Mystery Shoppers, owner of my own restaurants and owner of two restaurant consulting companies, I’ve been in thousands of restaurants, and have planned, fixed, launched, turned around, and coached hundreds of restaurants and happy clients over the years. I’ve also written, contributed, or have been featured in Nation’s Restaurant News®, QSR Magazine®, Money Magazine®, The Wall St. Journal® and ABC News Nightline® 20/20. After 40 years in this business, with the last 14 of those in the consulting arena, I have gathered knowledge and industry secrets that I look forward to sharing with you in my newsletter.

Upon subscribing, every Monday in your e-mail you will receive:

"APPETIZER" - HR Tips and Best Practices - No surprise to you, there's a nationwide labor shortage. Find out how to manage through this and many other useful tips. Use this information to have a smoother running business!

"SALAD" - Building Your Business - Find out how a silly little fifty-cent happy hour turned around a troubled restaurant I owned, and later sold for a $200,000 profit. This is quite a story and it's actually one of the motivators that got me into the consulting field many years ago. You'll also read about one of the most powerful restaurant marketing programs available. Yes, get ready to have your restaurant seats filled in no time!  

"ENTRÉE" - The Weekly Featured Article - In the first issue, I'll be talking about the money you've invested into your business and how to get it paid back to you...with interest. I'll be sharing a story about a client that enjoyed a payback of $555,033. If you need direction on how to maximize your investment payback, this advice could be some of the best you'll get this year.

"DESSERT" - Leadership and Management – Proven tips and techniques that you can put to use right away. Delicious timely advice. "Problem solving does not produce results. It prevents damage. Exploiting opportunities produces results." We'll learn from Peter Drucker and much more.  

"THE FINAL TOUCH" - Recap - we’ll recap the important things to address this week in your business. In the first issue, we'll be covering the #1 responsibility of all restaurant owners; The promotion and marketing of your business. Once a guest has decided to come in your door, it's only then can you sell them anything! 

I look forward to sharing what I've learned in the last 40 years! It will be like having a restaurant consultant in your e-mail inbox every Monday! 

No risk, no obligation and you can cancel anytime. As my way of saying thank you when you subscribe, I’ll send you the first four issues (one full month) for free!


Kevin Moll

President and Founder

Restaurant Consulting Services, Inc.

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