Restaurant Due Diligence Services, Restaurant Smart Sell™ and Restaurant Business Valuations

Due Diligence Services

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We provide advisory and due diligence services for client's that wish to minimize their risk in the buying process.

We usually work at the subject location on-site, gathering the necessary information needed in 22 key areas in order to create the due diligence report that prospective buyers (and/or their representatives) require in order to make a wise business decision prior to closing on the purchase of a hospitality business. 

Our buyer advisory and due diligence services provide inside knowledge and information - allowing you to move forward with the transaction, or walk away if it’s not in your favor.

Knowledgeable buyers also have more negotiating power, allowing them to leverage the terms or the price of the potential deal if something negative is uncovered. Knowledgeable buyers also minimize their chances of buyer’s remorse and potential financial loss or exposure.

We help our client's make smart, well-informed buying decisions.

Restaurant Smart Sell™

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If you have a restaurant, bar or other hospitality business to sell or lease out, Restaurant Smart Sell™ is your solution. We provide advisory services for owners and lessors who are unwilling to use or pay for a commercial business or restaurant broker. 

Achieve the selling or leasing results you want, while at the same time, saving 50% when compared to the cost of using a business or restaurant broker. (We do not provide services related to the sale of real estate).

We are restaurant consultants and advisors who help protect your interests through the selling process. Professional guidance through all of the steps - marketing, showings, the letter of intent, and helping you get the top selling price. 

Restaurant Smart Sell™ provides structure to the entire selling or leasing transaction. We also provide input during buyer's due diligence, liquor license transfer (if any) lease, asset purchase agreement and closing. Learn more.

"High value, low cost and very efficient. This is the best way to sell your business. They're a joy to work with!"

~ Kyle Walker, Client 

Business Valuation

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Opinion of Value services are what you need in matters related to: death, divorce, dispute, financing, compensation, exit/sale & buyouts. We work with attorney's, CPA's, banks, business owners and buyers, partnerships and lenders who need an accurate estimate of business value.

There are three proven methods used during the creation of your Opinion of Value documents including: The market approach, the income approach, and the asset approach. (We do not provide Opinion of Value services for real estate). 

Then, we add in a fourth method we call the "Soft value." This includes frequently overlooked items like a guest database, unique location, quality media reviews and others that help maximize your valuation.

All four methods are then input into our proprietary valuation "scorecard" to insure that nothing is overlooked. Our Opinion of Value report services are confidential and available nationwide.

We know exactly where to find value for our client's.