Restaurant Consulting Services


Every restaurant, worldwide, either currently has or will have a human resource need. Usually this means a key person within the organization has left, and a qualified person is not ready to step into the vacancy, leaving the business lacking in a key role. You need to get this position filled, but you’re busy and would like some help finding with the right person. We can help. We are not an employment agency, we are restaurant consultants that source the best talent in the restaurant industry for the following roles:

Director of Operations General Managers District/Regional Management Executive Chefs
Key culinary talent Operations Positions Corporate/independent operations Executive positions

We are experts at creating the perfect match – which is where the two roads of “What you need” and, “What the employee is looking for” intersect. We have years of experience in sourcing and screening talent that is “Hire Ready” for our clients. Nobody else does a better and more thorough job of find you just the right person!
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You can spend your time struggling to find the right candidate or you can outsource the work to us and we’d be happy to handle it quickly and confidentially. We’re restaurant and restaurant recruiting experts, so we know what to look for in quality talent. Our services are much less expensive than a conventional recruiting agency (usually by half of what they charge) and our system results in higher quality candidates for you to select from. And yes, you can finally remove this sign from your front window!

What we do for you:

  • We find exceptional candidates.
  • We rank them, selecting only the most qualified candidates.
  • We interview and test them extensively, making sure that they’re the “real deal.”
  • We check references, run background checks and verify college education.
  • We coordinate and set up the interviews for you. All you have to do is meet the top 3-4 candidates at your office and hire the one you like best!


We are your one-stop hiring solution that is extremely cost-effective and takes almost none of your time. Nationwide service. For more information about our restaurant recruiting services and a no-obligation proposal, please CONTACT US or call 720-363-0164.


Restaurant Consulting Services