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A comprehensive high level overview of focusing on products, drinks, pricing, bottle placement, guest service standards and much more. Perfect for bar owners and key management personnel. Key features include:

  • Working hand in hand with your team on site
  • Conduct high level Operation Audit
  • Develop Custom Training Materials
  • Develop Custom Testing Material
  • Develop Product Information document
  • Standardize 25 shot recipe
  • Standardize 25 Drink recipe
  • Build Product Guide and Pricing Guide
  • Calculate Bottle Cost, Category and Pricing Structure
  • Build Bottle Placement Diagram
  • Discuss Up selling and Drink Recipe Consistency
  • Explain Bottle Cost, Category, and Pricing Structure
  • Standardize Sequence of Service
  • Discuss Customer Line of Sight
  • Duration: 3 to 4 days to build / 2 to 3 days training


If you want to become an Industry Leader you need industry leading training documents and testing material. If you can do it, we can document it. If you need a system, we will create it. If you need structure, we will provide it. Our documents and training will elevate operations, streamline profitability and pay long-term dividends. Features include:

  • Monitoring Operations
  • Auditing Current Bartender Training Material – if available
  • Produce Bartender Training Audit Document
  • Produce Bartender Training and Development Material
  • Codify Your Product and Pricing Structure
  • Standardize 25 Shot Recipe based on Product Mix
  • Standardize 25 Drink Recipe based on Product Mix
  • Produce Drink Recipe Document
  • Produce Drink Recipe Testing Material
  • Conduct Drink Recipe Testing
  • Create Opening Bartender Checklist
  • Create Mid Shift Bartender Checklist
  • Create Closing Bartender Checklist
  • Create Nightly, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Calendar
  • Build Service Well Bottle Placement Diagram
  • Build Speed Rail Bottle Placement Diagram
  • Build Back Bar Bottle Placement Diagram
  • Discuss Bottle Placement
  • Discuss Alcohol Awareness
  • Discuss Bartender Sequence of Service
  • Discuss Up Selling
  • Discuss Cash Handling
  • Discuss Discipline Policy
  • Discuss Zone Bartending
  • Conduct Pour Testing
  • On-Site Visit Duration: 3 Days
  • Document Creation 3 Days
  • Training and Testing 3 Days


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Restaurant Consulting Services